January 31, 2018 News

Morrison Cohen Launches Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker

January 31, 2018 – Morrison Cohen, a leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain litigation, is pleased to announce the “MoCo Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker,” which will maintain a running list of regulatory actions, private litigation, and regulatory pronouncements regarding cryptocurrency, initial coin offers, and blockchain-related litigation.

The Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker serves as a clearinghouse for the industry to keep track of trends, in order to know what the regulators and plaintiffs’ lawyers are thinking, both to prevent against future litigation and to develop defenses to current actions.  

It is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be used as such.  For more information on cryptocurrency and ICO litigation, please contact the MoCo Cryptocurrency Litigation team: 

Jason P. Gottlieb, 212.735.8837,
Daniel C. Isaacs, 212.735.8653,
Christopher W. Pendleton, 212.735.8783,

Click here for MoCo Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker on line.

Click here for a printable pdf version.