December 6, 2019 News

Keith Markel and Basil Sitaras Author Article on Avoiding Holiday Party Liabilities

December 6, 2019 – Keith Markel and Basil Sitaras authored the article “An Employer’s Guide to Avoiding Holiday Party Liabilities” that appears in the December 4, 2019 issue of Law360

For employers, sexual harassment allegations, assault complaints, personal injury claims and other problems stemming from the annual holiday party have become increasingly prevalent.

Now, with the wave of #MeToo claims and heightened New York state and city requirements for conducting interactive sexual harassment prevention training on an annual basis, employers of all sizes need to be more vigilant about creating risks and avoiding liability attributed in many cases, unfortunately, to the annual holiday party.

Although there is no surefire way for employers or employees to completely avoid the risks associated with hosting or attending the annual holiday party, adhering to some or all of the suggestions outlined in this article may help employers and employees alike to avoid scandal or liability.

PDF of Client Alert:  An Employer’s Guide to Avoiding Holiday Party Liabilities