November 26, 2018 News

Jason Gottlieb Authors Article on the State of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement

November 26, 2018 – Morrison Cohen Partner Jason P. Gottlieb authored an article for Lexis Practice Advisor on the current state of regulation and other law governing blockchain-based products, including cryptocurrency.  In the Practice Note “Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement,” Jason analyzes the number of uncertainties of the current system of regulation—already arguably a regulatory patchwork involving an alphabet soup of agencies with overlapping mandates.

This regulatory uncertainty only raises the risk of litigation and state and federal regulatory enforcement in the space. Indeed, the first wave of litigation and enforcement has already begun, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), various state attorneys general, and private plaintiffs leaping in to protect what they each view as governing law or to right alleged wrongs.

While the final regulatory framework remains unclear, practitioners in this space should be aware of the current status of regulation and case law to properly advise clients and structure transactions.

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Daniel Isaacs and Christopher Pendleton contributed to the article.

PDF of article:  Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement