July 18, 2018 News

Y. David Scharf Quoted on DOJ’s Appeal of Decision Approving AT&T and Time Warner Merger

July 18, 2018 – Morrison Cohen Partner Y. David Scharf was quoted in the July 17, 2018 issue of The Deal on the DOJ’s appeal of the decision approving AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner

In June, after a six-week trial, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon allowed the merger rejecting the Department of Justice’s lawsuit that the proposed merger would make the pay-TV market less competitive and less innovative, and lead to higher prices for consumers.

"The standard for a reversal is high and will require a showing that the district court's decision was clearly in error," David said.  He also suggested “that the parties would complete their briefs by November and that arguments would follow after the New Year.”