March 20, 2020 News

CLIENT ALERT - The Impact Of COVID-19 On Pending Litigations in New York

March 20, 2020 - As we all try to grapple with the new normal of working from home, avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, and adapting to the Governor’s most recent mandate that 75% of a company’s employees must work from home, the state and federal courts are doing their part by implementing new policies and procedures that are designed to #flattenthecurve in order to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Although entirely necessary and warranted, these new policies and procedures will undoubtedly impact every current and potential litigant for the foreseeable future.  Set forth below is a brief synopsis of what the New York state and federal courts have recently implemented to control their dockets and lessen the number of individuals in their respective courtrooms, while at the same time ensuring that essential matters and emergencies continue to be heard expeditiously. 

PDF of Client Alert: The Impact Of COVID-19 On Pending Litigations in New York