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Hon. David B. Saxe (Ret.)

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Email: dsaxe@morrisoncohen.com

Hon. David B. Saxe (Ret.) served as an Associate Justice, New York State Appellate Division, First Department and is one of the most honored and respected members of New York's legal community. Recently retired from the bench, he is now a sought-after strategic consultant, mediator and ADR professional. 

With 35-years on the bench, Justice Saxe brings unparalleled judicial insight, wisdom and experience on a variety of matters including appellate strategy and preparation, negotiations, and alternative dispute resolution.

As the leader of the firm’s Appellate Practice, Justice Saxe's many years as both an esteemed jurist and a successful attorney provides our clients with a unique perspective on successfully navigating the litigation and appeals process. Justice Saxe provides consultation to clients and legal teams on strategy, trial preparation and brief review.

He is able to focus appellate oral arguments for maximum effect and he offers a perspective based on sitting for 19 years on the most prestigious intermediate state appellate court in the United States.  In his tenure on the appellate court, Justice Saxe has handled a wide range of appellate matters including the following:  contract issues, corporate finance, insurance and re-insurance matters, business torts, products liability, intellectual property, real property, land-use and zoning, labor and employment, environmental law, constitutional law and civil rights, matrimonial and family law matters and probate Issues.

Justice Saxe leads the firm’s Strategic Case Review Practice.  He provides an impartial review from the perspective of an experienced judge on issues that are important to a judge and jury.  He works with the client and/or its legal team as a set of “fresh-eyes” to review and analyze case strategy, papers or case options.

In addition, Justice Saxe provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services. He is involved in all manner of negotiations, disputes, debates and legal proceedings. Whether serving as mediator, arbitrator or consultant to legal teams, the depth and breadth of his experience as a distinguished jurist and before that as a seasoned attorney allow him to provide deep, impartial and meaningful solutions. He has a particular focus on complex commercial, insurance and real estate controversies, as well as significant experience in resolving high-end matrimonial-related disputes either as a mediator, arbitrator or consultant.

Justice Saxe is a gifted and prolific writer and has been one of the most published jurists in New York State.  His decisions, whether majority opinions, concurrences or dissents are regularly cited by colleagues and often have been the subject of scholarly critiques.


Professional Activities

  • Judicial Screening Committee for the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department
  • Committee on Character and Fitness for the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department
  • Judging Panel for Selecting New York Law Journal’s Attorney of the Year