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Compensation & Benefits

Employees are a company’s most important asset, and our specialists provide comprehensive advice to a wide variety of companies as to all facets of their compensation and benefits matters. Our abilities allow our clients to attract, retain and incentivize their employees and protect their commercial interests.

Our attorneys assist companies in achieving their goals by designing and implementing incentive compensation, deferred compensation, retention, equity and phantom equity plans; negotiating and drafting employment, separation and restrictive covenant agreements; and providing advice on their on-going compensation, benefits, employment and separation arrangements. We also advise our clients on the complicated and inter-connected tax, securities, and corporate governance aspects of such arrangements.

We represent companies in all phases of their lifecycles. We are frequently asked to get involved in the earliest stages of a company’s existence, where we will participate in drafting organizational documents, such as operating agreements and partnership agreements, board and shareholder resolutions, disclosure documents, employee handbooks and employee communications. We also advise growing companies in designing new plans, programs, agreements and arrangements that are designed to encourage employee hiring and retention; and we assist companies in drafting, implementing and enforcing severance agreements, separation pay plans, and restrictive covenant agreements and arrangements.

Our clients include hedge funds, private equity funds, and other financial service companies, accounting firms, consulting firms, real estate investment funds, real estate management companies, technology companies, fashion houses, media companies, transportation companies, manufacturing companies, and other companies in a wide variety of industries. Our diverse practice and broad experience allows us to give our clients deep insight into market practices and commercial standards for all matters in our areas of attention.

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