Our Practice Groups

Franchise & Distribution Law

Morrison Cohen represents mature and start-up franchise and distribution systems in all facets of their business, with particular emphasis on their relationships with franchisees and distributors. Our clients include fast food franchisors and beverage manufacturers, and we regularly handle matters in New York for a variety of franchisors and manufacturers.

We have successfully represented franchisors and manufacturers against claims for breach of exclusive territory agreements, encroachment, transshipping, wrongful termination, fraud, breach of contract, vicarious liability and various other business torts and alleged violations of state franchise and distribution laws. We have also successfully prosecuted claims against terminated franchisees and distributors for trademark infringement, breach of contract, recovery of lost future royalties and to enforce termination notices and system standards. Our attorneys possess substantial experience and knowledge in evaluating claims and provide quick and accurate counseling advice to franchisors and manufacturers.

We understand that all cases cannot be resolved by settlement or with pre-trial motions, and we pride ourselves on our ability to cost effectively handle complex cases through trial.