May 16, 2018 News

Y. David Scharf Honored by Educational Alliance

May 16, 2018 – Morrison Cohen Partner Y. David Scharf was honored by the Educational Alliance at its annual We the People Ball on May 9, 2018. The event, held at Spring Studios, raised more than $1.1 million.  Educational Alliance, founded more than 129 years ago, provides services to more than 50,000 New Yorkers annually at 16 locations in Lower Manhattan.  Educational Alliance serves New York families with community programs and resources for all ages, including children, parents and older adults. 

David was featured in the Mann Report on August 20, 2018, the New York Law Journal on June 6, 2018, the New York Real Estate Journal on June 5, 2018, and on New York CityBizList on May 20, 2018, for receiving this honor.











Y. David Scharf honored at the Educational Alliance's annual We the People Ball.